The award-winning Velux windows have been popular since the 1940s, and the company has come a long way since those early days. The company pioneered roof windows and skylights, which were a real novelty in the post-war period and brought light and warmth into cold rooms and attics across Europe. Constantly updating and improving their products, Velux now offer a range of windows, skylights and sun tunnels, as well as blinds and related items.

Velux is a Danish company founded in 1941. Today, Velux windows are manufactured, installed and loved around the world. All Velux windows installed in the UK have to conform to British and European safety and quality standards. With a narrow focus on their core area of business, Velux are able to keep quality standards high, prices affordable and still offer a range of window types to suit every roof and every need. Below, we’ll discuss some of the other things you might like to know about Velux, whether you’ve already got Velux windows in your home or are deciding which brand to choose.

Velux are champions of natural light. The benefits of natural, rather than artificial, light are well known and include improved concentration, reduced eyestrain, better sleep patterns, reduced instances of depression and seasonal affective disorder, more vitamin D and other health benefits. Increasing the natural light in your home or business also saves you money on your energy bills as you’ll be less likely to turn on interior lights during the day. You may be surprised how much difference decent windows, particularly roof windows or a sun tunnel, can make to the amount of light in your home, even on a typically grey and cloudy day in the British midwinter.

What types of product do Velux offer?

Velux specialize in windows, especially windows for roofs. These include skylights, means of escape windows, windows for flat roofs, and sun tunnels. They also offer accessories for their windows, such as black out blinds, Roman blinds, automatic blind systems and so on. Their focus is on letting you control how much – or how little – light gets into your room. As an example, they might recommend a black out blind system for an east-facing bedroom, or a sun tunnel for a north-facing extension. Velux windows are great energy saving tools as they not only let in natural light, meaning you use less energy powering lightbulbs, but also keep your home warm in winter. Combined with energy-saving blinds, these elegant windows can give your energy efficiency a real boost.

What’s a sun tunnel?
Sun tunnels are small, specially designed tubes which reflect light into a room through a greater depth than a window could manage. They’re ideal for roofs and can even bring light in through walls. Sunlight is captured by the window or dome at the top of the tube, and reflected along the tube into the room. In this way, it can even go around corners, reaching into basements or cellars. While the dome-topped sun tunnels are more effective, flat-topped sun tunnels are often more popular as they blend seamlessly into the roof and are hardly visible from the outside.

How to choose a Velux window
Some of our customers complain that the types of Velux window available can be hard to understand and it’s not clear what the difference is. This is often because they’re comparing windows designed for different roof types. You’ll need a different type of window and fitting depending on the exact details of your roof – whether it’s flat or sloped, and if it’s sloped, is it shallow or steep? Do you have flat tiles or ridged? How deep are they? Velux offer window solutions for all these options and more, which is why they have such a wide range of seemingly identical products.

As the customer, you don’t need to know the exact details of the difference between a 59 pane and a 73 pane. Instead, talk directly to one of our team about what you really need – do you want a centre pivot, or top hung? Do you need the window to be a means of escape (ideal for a loft conversion)? Would you like a privacy screen (essential for bathrooms)? Will the window be easy to reach to clean, or would low-cleaning options be better? Would you like a manual or remote operated blind? Tell us what you want, and we’ll tell you the options available and give you a full quote, including installation by one of our 5-star registered engineers.

Unusual Velux products
Windows in slanted roofs, loft conversions and skylights are no longer unusual or surprising features yet the Velux company is still developing innovative new products. As well as the sun tunnels described above, Velux now offer flat roof windows which can open by remote or manual control to let in light and fresh air. They also offer balcony windows, which create a miniature balcony as they open, complete with guard rails, and terrace windows, which give you access to an outside space through a slanted roof. Automated windows and blinds can open and close without the touch of a human hand, making them the ideal choice for hard-to-reach spaces. If wiring access is a problem, choose Velux solar powered windows – automated windows with their own solar panels, so no mains wiring is required.

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