Replacement Windows for your home

Replacing your existing old roof window can make a world of difference: it is quick and straightforward and not as costly as you may think.

As the VELUX® range has been in existence for the last 30 years, it is usually very easy to find a direct size match. Replacement installation can typically be carried out within a day and work can be carried out from the inside.

Replacing your windows might present an ideal opportunity to bring in even more light. You’d be surprised how much brighter a room can be made just by making the window even slightly bigger or by adding a second window to the one you are replacing.

The VELUX® range of windows are being continuously improved:

Improved thermal performance and
sound reduction for greater comfort

More attractive design and better integration in the roof

Improved air tightness and insulation

Upgrade to a white finish and/or
electrical or solar powered remote operation

Solar powered INTEGRA® Roof Windows are ideal for replacing older windows as no wiring is required

Understand how we work

We work closely with our customers to improve the levels of light and warmth in their homes and have been doing so for over 25 years. We have specialist skills and expertise in fitting Velux windows, loft conversions, blinds, sun tunnels and solar hot water. The cross-over in skills for these services allows us to offer them all as part of your home improvements.

Our passion is making homes and quality of life better for our customers, which is why our process starts with a discussion with you on how we can best help with this. We can then lend our expertise to create your vision of your dream home, with as little mess as possible.

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