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Loft Ideas - Velux® Dormer & Mini Dormer Windows

Velux Conservation Roof Windows
Conservation windows blend seamlessly with older, more traditional buildings and keep a heritage feel with a vertical centre bar and black finish exterior.

Velux CABRIO Balcony Windows
The CABRIO? Balcony turns a Roof Window into an instant balcony in seconds. A great way to add value and a real wow factor to your property.

Velux Roof Terrace Windows
Even if your loft floor space is limited, you can still enjoy the flow of light and space that a Roof Terrace brings.

A full range of Velux glazing options are available
Roof windows are exposed to all kinds of weather. VELUX glazing provides heat insulation, sound insulation, added strength and safety ? and protection from the elements. A full range of glazing types are available to suit your particular needs.

Velux Solar Hot Water Systems
More and more people in the UK are becoming aware of green issues, and the impact their home has on the environment. If you are looking for a clean, renewable source of hot water, solar heating is the answer.

Hallway after Velux Sun Tunnel installed
When converting an interior space into a loft isn't possible, installing Sun Tunnels is the perfect solution to let sunlight into darker spaces into a single storey home.

Bathroom after Velux Sun Tunnel installed
The Flat Roof Sun Tunnel brings natural daylight to areas where a Flat Roof Window cannot be used.

Velux dormer window
Let the Sun Shine in!
Velux dormer windows provide an alternative to traditional flat roof dormers that offer more daylight, greater view and ideal for increasing headroom height.

Velux Roof Windows pine finish combination
Beautiful & Easy to Use
Combine vertical and sloping Natural Pine Roof Windows to extend the possibilities for view and daylight.

Velux Conservation Roof Windows
Traditional Look & Style
Velux Conservation Roof Windows with black external profiles for traditional buildings available in centre pivot or top hung with recessed installation for slate and tiled roofs.

Velux Extension Roof Window
More Space - More Light
White polyurethane finish is perfect for contemporary interiors and ideal for humid rooms such as ktichens or bathrooms.

VELUX Top-Hung Roof Windows give you an uninterrupted view when fully opened, create extra headroom and a feeling of being outside.

With the handle at the bottom, our Top Hung windows are simple to open and close. Flood your home with light by combining them together to give dramatic visual impact. The window swivels in its frame for easy access and cleaning with operation assisted by powerful yet gentle springs.

  • Opens outwards for unobstructed views and a feeling of extra space
  • Ventilation flap can be operated with the window closed
  • Effortless care and handling
  • Rotates 180? for easy cleaning from inside
  • Some window sizes are suitable for fire escape.

Velux Flat Roof Kerb
A flexible installation option for flat roofs with all the benefits of a Velux Roof Window.

Velux Atrium effect
Combine Velux Roof Windows for a dramatic Atrium effect.

Velux Flat Roof Window Blind
VELUX offers blinds for your VELUX Flat Roof Window. In our selection we have an electrically operated pleated blind which allows you to control the amount of incoming daylight whilst also decorating your room.

Velux Dormer Windows
Add Space - Add Light
Velux dormer windows provide an alternative to traditional flat roof dormers that offer more daylight, greater view and ideal for increasing headroom height.

velux dormer window interior image 002

velux dormer window interior 001

velux dormer window interior 002

velux dormer window interior 003

velux dormer window interior 004

velux dormer window interior 005

velux dormer window interior 006

Get extra space and extra daylight in only one day
Adding a VELUX Dormer to your home is an easy way to really open up your attic. The VELUX Dormer kit is a complete insulated solution with all necessary parts for the installation. You only need to complete the interior finish to match the rest of the room and then you are ready to enjoy the new space and decorating possibilities of your room.

A place in the sky
A VELUX Dormer transforms spaces with a dramatic increase of natural daylight and an amazing feeling of openness. This innovative alternative to a traditional dormer lifts the windows out of the roof, increasing useable space while creating a bright and airy atmosphere.

Whereas a traditional dormer consists of a window and roof combination, the VELUX Dormer uses windows in place of the roof. This provides much more natural light without the need for additional building permits (depending on local building regulations, please check with your local building authority) or lengthy construction times.

  • Sophisticated design creates more useable indoor space while adding natural light
  • Can be combined with VELUX INTEGRA® remote control operation
  • Comes in more combinations with up to six windows and can be combined with VELUX INTEGRA® remote control operation.
  • No additional building permits necessary (depending on local building regulations, please check with your local building authority)
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