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Loft Ideas - What's New? for Earlswood

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17/11/2021: When it comes to a matter of light, every little helps

VELUX recommends that for any given floor area, a room needs 15-25% of that area in glass to get optimum natgural lighting.

Ideals are all well and good but in the real world in which we live, it is sometimes difficult to envisage the position of windows to achieve that relationship. Particularly with attic conversions under pitched roofs, the opportunities to fit windows can seem limited by the size of wall, angles and corners.

Luckily, with the huge variety of sizes and aspect ratios available from VELUX, even relatively small, awkward areas can be fitted with your choice of top hinged, centre hinged or electrically operated roof lights, making a great difference to the look and feel of any space.

If you have your own "Mission Impossible" space and would like more light, give us a call, we may well be able to surprise you.

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10/11/2021: Bespoke joinery for character and performance

Sometimes, as good as they are, standard products are just not the right thing. For example, this dormer window frame in a charming old cottage near our Sussex base had reached the end of its life and was in need of replacing.

To ensure a perfect fit while keeping in character with the building, the most practical way was to make a new, bespoke window frame in our joinery workshop. The finished frame is shown in the photo, ready to glaze and install.

The customer loved their new window, reckoning that it offered the best of both worlds; period appearance in harmony with their home, plus modern glazing panels to help them keep more warmth in.

If you want something different for your home, or have an older property for which modern fittings would be inappropriate, give us a call or click in the header of any page to send an email.

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06/11/2021: Give your visitors the gift of light this Christmas

Change "We stayed at Granny's over Christmas and had to sleep in the loft" to "Wow! We went to Granny's at Christmas and she let us stay in the loft!" Take a look at the picture and ask yourself as a kid, if you could think of a better vantage point from which to stare into the night sky, wishing for Santa to put in an appearance.

Christmas is coming and that always means… Visitors! Spare rooms will be dusted and vacuumed all over the country soon. While you are at it, how about taking a look at the light levels? A room that is too dim during the day and too light at night can really take the gloss off the Christmas pudding!

If your room is a converted loft, or a dormer room, give your guests the gift of controlled natural light this year. With a VELUX® window and blind combination, they can let in just the right amount of light during the day and keep out as much as they like at night.

Even better than that, you will have a room with a much more useful level of natural illumination when your guests have gone home and probably added some value to your property into the bargain.

Give us a call or click in the header of any page to send us an email about our pre-Christmas deals, then introduce your guests to their light and airy accommodation.

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07/10/2021: VELUX® Rooflights: Less Frame, More Light

The new generation of VELUX glass rooflights for flat roofs bring in more daylight than ever before via a minimalistic glass-to-edge design.

The rooflights increase the daylight area by up to 52 percent, compared to the previous generation, providing homeowners with a view of nothing but glass and sky. The new design is so seamless that the flat glass vented variant won this year's Red Dot Award in the category Product Design.

Furthermore, the unique construction of the rooflight, with two or three layers of glazing, also improves energy efficiency.

"We've designed the new glass rooflights to give people more of what they love in their homes: daylight, indoor comfort and fresh air. They are value-adding products for flat-roofed homes, giving indoor spaces a lift, by making them bright and airy and by providing a beautiful view of the sky."

Martin Pors Jepsen, Vice President Global Product Management.

The latest VELUX® edge to edge glass rooflights are now available from Loft Ideas. Call us or click in the header of any page to send an email and get more information.

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24/09/2021: Sussex Bungalow Loft Transformation with 2 Velux Windows

This bungalow close to our base in Sussex has a spacious loft that could be put to so many uses, if only there was more light available. The pitched roof over the entrance porch ate into the roof space somewhat but luckily, Velux windows come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes so we were able to make up for the lack of height by using a centre pivoted window with a wide aspect ratio to maximise the glazed area.

On the adjacent roof panel, there was no such problem, so a larger window overall with a top hinge was chosen to give the best view and ventilation. Unlike the smaller window, which is overlooked, so required obscured glass, this window faced the front of the property with an unobserved aspect and uninterrupted view, so high efficiency clear glazing was the choice.

Velux's standard EDW flashing finished the job outside, making sure that while the maximum light is being let in, the weather is kept well and truly out. If you have a space that could be more useful with more light, give us a call or click in the header of any page to email us. We are always happy to advise on the best Velux installation to suit any application.

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05/07/2021: Mature Sussex House Extension Rejuvenated with Velux Rooflights

This extension to a Sussex home has a section of flat roof, already fitted with a skylight. However, the convoluted plastic sheets covering the area had discoloured over the years to a point where they were letting in very little light at all.

By fitting three VELUX flat roof curved glass windows the space inside has been transformed into a pool of natural daylight with a feeling of air and space. The outside has also benefitted from this fitment, with a great new modern look. The curved glass allows rainwater to run off easily and lets in more daylight than flat glass.

The frames are insulated PVC and the glazing is high thermal efficiency two layer, low energy panes to keep the heat loss to an absolute minimum. For summer comfort, there is a VELUX INTEGRA electrically controlled ventillated base and a wide choice of VELUX blinds allow you to let in just the perfect amount of sunlight.

Available in sizes from 600mm square up to 1 x 1.5 metres, there is a skylight to suit every flat roof and as five star accredited fitters, you can be sure that we will fit them for you with minimal fuss and disruption. Call us for a quote, or click in the header of any page to send an email.

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