Flat roofs for your home

Bright daylight and fresh air through a flat roof.

Thinking about opening up the flat roof above your living room, kitchen or hallway? The VELUX® Flat Roof Window is suitable for all room types and combines practicality and aesthetics. Keeping out the elements or remote-controlled functions, this window enables daylight and fresh air to enter your home. It can be used for both new and replacement installations.

  • Double glazed window with protective clear or opaque polycarbonate cover
  • Open or fixed versions
  • Excellent sound insulation
  • Energy efficient – ensures a warm and comfortable indoor climate
  • Available fixed (without background ventilation)
  • INTEGRA® electrically operated version with built-in rain sensor that automatically shuts your window when it rains
  • Electric pleated blinds available
  • Suitable for flat roofs and up to 15° pitch

Product Codes: GFP

Fixed without ventilation & CVP - INTEGRA® electric.

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For over 25 years, our team have been working closely with customers to bring light and warmth into their homes. We specialise in fitting Velux windows, blinds, loft conversions, sun tunnels and solar hot water. These seemingly diverse elements fit together well, using the same expertise and cross-over skills.

We are passionate about improving living spaces and making peoples’ homes better meet their needs, which is why each of our projects starts with an in-depth conversation with you, our client, as you are the leading expert on your own home and lifestyle. We’re here to lend our expertise to support your vision and make your dream home a reality with as little mess and fuss as possible.

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